3D Printing

Integral has been involved in 3-D printing for several years now and has recently aquired the services of one of the Worlds best designers.

Our Printers

Our Printers

The Machinery

The machinery plays an important role however the real skill comes in taking a cleasr brief of our clients requirements then leaving the real work to our internationally recognised designer.

Think & Design 3-D

The ability to think and design 3-Dimentionally is something that doesn’t come easily to everyone but our design team are incredible, often solving complex issues with skill, practicatily and all in a timely and cost effective manner.

We utilse the full range of MakerBot hardware and Software and print using a wide variety of substrates from PLA, PETG, PVA, ABS, SR-30 and more recently an amazing Carbon Fibre Nylon filament.

Get in touch with our team today

We provide a comprehensive service from initial consultation, to costing, prototyping then full production runs in a timely and professional way.

For all enquiries contact Integrals Sales Director Phillip Norcross on 021-999-759 or phillip@integral.net.nz